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Re: find-file-read-args

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: find-file-read-args
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 17:09:37 +0200
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>>> There is still one problem.  Due to the dynamical nature of M-n, it needs
>>> to visit the original buffer to get file names at point at the time when
>>> the current buffer if the minibuffer.  I tried to find the original buffer
>>> with the help of `(with-current-buffer (window-buffer (next-window)) ...'
>>> but it often finds the wrong buffer when there are more than one window on
>>> the frame.  Could you suggest a method for finding the original buffer,
>>> from which the minibuffer was activated.  Maybe we should add a new
>>> variable to hold the value of the original buffer set during
>>> minibuffer setup?
>> Isn't that the buffer shown in `minibuffer-selected-window'?
> Thank you, I'll try to use this.

Unfortunately, `minibuffer-selected-window' is useless for Dired.
It returns the wrong window.  Instead of returning the original Dired
buffer's window it returns " *Marked Files*".

How this can be reproduced:
1. emacs -Q
2. (setq enable-recursive-minibuffers t)
3. `C-x d'
4. Mark more than 1 file
5. Type `C'
6. Type `M-: (window-buffer (minibuffer-selected-window)) RET'

Result: #<buffer  *Marked Files*>

Juri Linkov

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