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Re: bzr repository ready?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bzr repository ready?
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 00:12:31 -0500
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> Thanks for writing that page.  I noticed that the instructions are given
> in terms of terminal commands (bzr merge, bzr push, etc.)  It would be
> nice to have the vc/vc-dir workflow explicitly spelt out too.  Will `C-x
> v v' just do the right thing with respect to committing to the local
> mirror vs the global repository?

Currently VC's support for DVCS is too limited for such uses, in my
opinion.  If you're working on a leightweight checkout or a bound branch
(aka heavyweight checkout), then you can commit from VC and it will be
like a CVS commit, but further than that, VC lacks support for "pull"
and things like that, although again for the particular case of the
above checkouts, it may be able to fetch updates from the
central repository (via "bzr update").  ;-)

VC needs some love in this area.


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