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Re: limit the number of log entries displayed by C-x v l

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: limit the number of log entries displayed by C-x v l
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 00:17:46 -0500
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> Here's a non-backend-specific hack for C-n and C-p in vc-annotate-mode
> that keeps any log-view-mode buffer displayed on the same frame in sync
> to the same revision.  A post-command-hook solution might be more
> thorough, though (handling C-s, e.g.), but is this in the direction of
> what you had in mind?

Not really.  I want to give a range of lines BEG..END and then get
a list of patches going backward in time showing all the commits that
ended up (directly or indirectly) with generating those lines.
So it will give me an information akin to (tho not in prose) "those
lines were changed in r1834 by changing indentation, before that r1498
renamed foo to bar, before that r1244 extended the code to handle one
more case, and finally r1022 is the one change that really introduced
the core behavior of those lines (and then it'll keep telling me more
things but I won't care about them)".

I do it in a backend-independent way by hand, in the following way:
1- start at REV=latest revision
2- vc-annotate REV
3- get the diff and log of the lines
4- set REV to the revision prior to the one that changed those lines and
   go back to 2.


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