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bug mail-news gateway [was Re: New bug tracker server]

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug mail-news gateway [was Re: New bug tracker server]
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 13:13:57 -0500
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> I think there is a problem with the mail-news gateway that needs
>> addressing somehow (bug#936).
> Unrelated rant: I've been a fervent usenet user for many years, but
> I must say I find it more and more difficut to access usenet: even my
> university's CS department (i.e. where I work) doesn't provide usenet
> access any more.  I think usenet is sadly dying, replaced by
> mailing-lists and crappy web-forums.


If no-one can come up with a fix for #936, however, I think it would
be acceptable to make the gateway one-way, mail->news only. I don't
think people need to be able to report bugs via usenet. For those who
want to do so, gmane exists.

This problem continues to happen, resulting in information loss.
For example today:


was sent via the bug newsgroup. It appeared on the bug mailing list,
but not in the tracker:


It seems worth thinking about this while the issue of how to get mail
into the tracker is on the table.

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