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Re: C-x v i bug

From: Brodie Rao
Subject: Re: C-x v i bug
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 18:42:03 -0500

On Dec 3, 2009, at 6:01 PM, Martin Geisler wrote:

> Neal Becker <address@hidden> writes:


>> Crossposting to mercurial devel.  Anyone have suggestions?  My gut 
>> reaction is to say always use HGRCPATH='', but not really sure.
> That will indeed turn off customizations in ~/.hgrc. But the user will
> also lose the ui.username setting which might not be what you want when
> you make a commit :-)
> Brodie Rao has been working on an a patch that will allow you to set
> HGPLAIN to make Mercurial revert to 'plain' behavior:
>  http://bitbucket.org/brodie/mercurial-crew-mq/src/tip/script-mode

This patch is still highly experimental. There are some things I need to 
rework, and it's not really a solution you can use right now because it's 
against hg itself.

Setting HGRCPATH= is one option, but as Martin mentioned, you'll lose all user 
configuration: their username, ssh settings, diff options, merge settings, 
enabled extensions, etc.

Another option is to run all commands like this:

hg --config ui.debug=0 --config ui.quiet=0 --config ui.verbose=0 --config 
defaults.CMD= CMD

You'll also want to set LANG=C and possibly deal with other LC_* envvars. For 
stderr output, perhaps diverting it to a buffer and ignoring it would be best. 
That particular extension warning won't change the return code of any command, 
which I assume is getting checked.

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