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Re: Relationship between 23.1.90 pretest and 23.2 pretest?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Relationship between 23.1.90 pretest and 23.2 pretest?
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 12:05:39 -0500
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>> We've just released a pretest.  In some places, it is referred to as the
>> "23.2 pretest" and in other places as "the 23.1.90" pretest.
>> These are the same thing right?  If not, what's their relationship?  (I
>> looked for, but couldn't find, a document about our release processes.)

> The pretests leading up to Emacs 23.2 are 23.1.90, 23.1.91, 23.1.92,
> etc.

Yes, in my mind "the pretest" is not a product but a process.  So the
"pretest for Emacs-23.2" includes releasing a bunch of versions, which
we traditionally name 23.1.9x (which can grow to 23.1.99x or to 23.1.10x
depending on who's in charge at the time we move past 23.1.99).
If I see "the 23.2 pretest code", that would usually mean "whichever
version was last distributed during the pretest".

A pretest version such as 23.1.93 becomes immediately obsolete the
moment 23.1.94 is cut.  Actually, not just obsolete: any mention (let
alone use) of 23.1.93 after 23.1.94 has been released is of very bad
taste and will be duly noted by Santa.

>> And the reason I'm asking, of course, is to check that we're ready to
>> finally do the bzr switchover.  The end of [2] implies that it is now
>> time to do that, but I wanted to make sure before starting the thread.
> Yes, I am in favor of moving forward on the bzr switchover.

Yes, now is a good time for it.  The only problems I can think of are:
- I'm leaving tomorrow for the country of Borges (and Maradona), so
  until January I will be less available.
- loggerhead doesn't seem to be working any more on Savannah.
- the commit-diff email system is not yet working, and I just learned
  that Savannah has something implemented for it, so it would make a lot
  of sense to try and use that.

Personally I'm not convinced those should stop us from switching now
since I expect the Xmas season to be a good "quiet" time for the switch:
1- declare a 100% freeze on any commits.
2- ask Andreas to perform one last conversion.
3- ask the Savannah admins to make the CVS repository read-only.
4- when the conversion is done and looks good: declare victory.
5- start rebuilding the country: get Loggerhead working, get
   commit-diffs emails working, get bzr+ssh working, ...


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