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RE: first-class support for csharp in cc-mode.el

From: dino chiesa
Subject: RE: first-class support for csharp in cc-mode.el
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 13:03:12 -0800

Hello again Alan, and thanks for having a look at this.  
> I've had a look at this. The two hooks you want are
> c-get-state-before-change-function and c-before-font-lock-function, both
> of which are c-lang-defconsts. In the function you put in the first
> hook, you should see whether or not you're about to disrupt the status of
> one or more @"......\" constructs. There'll be some cunning special
> cases to check here. The function on the second hook will actually add
> the text-property to the pertinent \, or possibly remove it.

Ok, I understand all that.  I started working through the special cases and 
yes, they are cunning.  So far they are outsmarting me. 
I also understand the c-before-font-lock-function and adding or removing text 
properties.  That should be easy once the state is understood. 
Question -
Will adding and removing text properties allow parse-partial-sexp, 
c-in-literal, and their friends to work "correctly"?   Right now c-in-literal 
gets confused by doubled double-quotes. Will these problems just go away when I 
get the text properties right?
I haven't fully understood how text properties affect the rest of the cc 

Thanks again.
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