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Re: GNU Emacs is on Bazaar now.

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: GNU Emacs is on Bazaar now.
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 19:01:40 +0900

Óscar Fuentes writes:

 > Maybe you are not aware that VC went through a complete rewrite to
 > support this on the last year or two.

What I am or am not aware of is irrelevant.  What matters is that it
would be a change for Handa-san.  A change that nobody has yet advised
him to make!

 > Read again. I'm not saying that there's zero problem.

OK.  You made a comment about "perfectly OK", which I read as
including "perfectly safe."  Sorry.

 > Please do not misrepresent my position. One thing is saying that a few
 > more cases of multiple commits is not a problem after years of doing it,
 > other thing is saying that it is fine to keep doing it.

You're missing the point that until now people didn't use "cvs log" in
preference to "grep ChangeLog", etc, though.  Now they are going to
want to.

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