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Re: Issue: compare-strings

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Issue: compare-strings
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 03:21:42 +0900

I have synchronized XEmacs behavior to the behavior our bug report
describes, and Eli confirms is intended.  I've also changed the
docstring to one I consider more accurate.  As I have assign.future on
file for XEmacs, this is now copyright FSF, so you're welcome to use
it.  I suspect that the XEmacs docstring is the same as that of Emacs,
so the patch might even work.

diff -r 084056f46755 -r c45fdd4e1858 src/fns.c
--- a/src/fns.c Fri Jan 01 00:21:07 2010 +0000
+++ b/src/fns.c Sat Jan 02 01:02:43 2010 +0900
@@ -315,9 +315,12 @@
 Compare the contents of two strings, maybe ignoring case.
 In string STR1, skip the first START1 characters and stop at END1.
 In string STR2, skip the first START2 characters and stop at END2.
-END1 and END2 default to the full lengths of the respective strings.
-Case is significant in this comparison if IGNORE-CASE is nil.
+END1 and END2 default to the full lengths of the respective strings,
+and arguments that are outside the string (negative STARTi or ENDi
+greater than length) are coerced to 0 or string length as appropriate.
+Optional IGNORE-CASE non-nil means use case-insensitive comparison.
+Case is significant by default.
 The value is t if the strings (or specified portions) match.
 If string STR1 is less, the value is a negative number N;

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