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Re: reversion revulsion

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: reversion revulsion
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 18:54:42 +0200

> From: Óscar_Fuentes <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 14:27:46 +0100
> You are doing something different from what we are discussing. We are
> talking about not merging into upstream local revisions that adds
> nothing interesting to the history. You are talking about getting the
> latest changes from upstream and merging them into the quickfixes
> branch.

No, I was talking about the same thing as you were, I am just confused
as to where the "revert --forget-merges" command should be run.  I
thought it should be run in the local branch, before merging it into
the trunk.  You seem to say that it should be run in the trunk _after_
merging the branch into it, is that right?

> This brings another detail: if --forget-merges is used when you send the
> changes from quickfixes to upstream via trunk, you need to reset the
> quickfixes branch afterwards, because the next time you merge from
> quickfixes it will include the previous revisions.

"Reset" how?  Shouldn't this be added to the wiki page?

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