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GDB does not stop in breakpoint!

From: alin.s
Subject: GDB does not stop in breakpoint!
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 00:23:41 -0800 (PST)

I put a breakpoint in Fx_create_frame. When I start emacs using "r" , the
breakpoint is never reached, and the X windows stops responding.

I have to run this command to make it work again: (Gdb stops all Xwindows)

kill -KILL `ps -e | grep gdb | cut -dp  -f1`

Why gdb does not stop ?

On the other hand, I discovered this strange behaviour:

Breakpoint 3, funcall_lambda (fun=137006261, nargs=2, arg_vector=0xbfaf0e14)
at eval.c:3147
3147      int count = SPECPDL_INDEX ();

(gdb) p arg_vector[0]
$406 = 139830890
(gdb) pp arg_vector[0]
(gdb) pp XCAR(arg_vector[0])
(gdb) pp XCDR(XCAR(arg_vector[0]))

Even if arg_vector[0] is not a cons, I can compute car and cdr, and more
than that - they make sense! Why do they make sense?

Here is defined the breakpoint:

3       breakpoint     keep y   0x081fc176 in funcall_lambda at eval.c:3147
        stop only if EQ(XCDR(XCAR(arg_vector[0])),Qx)
        breakpoint already hit 411 times

It stops even if XCDR(XCAR(arg_vector[0])) != 'x

Why ?

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