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Re: bug#881: patch for bug #881

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: bug#881: patch for bug #881
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 01:38:26 -0800 (PST)

Chong Yidong <address@hidden> writes:

  > Juanma Barranquero <address@hidden> writes:
  > > On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 22:50, Chong Yidong <address@hidden> wrote:
  > >
  > >> I don't think we should require --author until VC supports it.
  > >> It's a major inconvenience.
  > >
  > > I think giving proper credit and keeping logs honest trumps over
  > > inconvenience. But that's just MHO, of course.
  > Our acknowledgements are generated from the ChangeLogs, so I don't think
  > that's the issue.  Sure, it would be nice to use the --author flag,
  > because that's what the flag is intended for.  But it is too
  > inconvenient unless VC can handle it.

I have a patch to add that functionality to VC.
Author: The Real Author <address@hidden>
in the log edit buffer
will pass the right flag to "bzr commit".
Maybe an interactive function to ask the author information could be
added later.

Index: vc.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/vc.el,v
retrieving revision 1.746
diff -u -3 -p -r1.746 vc.el
--- vc.el       7 Dec 2009 09:02:16 -0000       1.746
+++ vc.el       17 Jan 2010 09:22:23 -0000
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@
 ;;   Unregister FILE from this backend.  This is only needed if this
 ;;   backend may be used as a "more local" backend for temporary editing.
-;; * checkin (files rev comment)
+;; * checkin (files rev comment &optional extra-args)
 ;;   Commit changes in FILES to this backend.  If REV is non-nil, that
 ;;   should become the new revision number (not all backends do
@@ -269,6 +269,7 @@
 ;;   implementation should pass the value of vc-checkin-switches to
 ;;   the backend command.  (Note: in older versions of VC, this
 ;;   command took a single file argument and not a list.)
+;;   EXTRA-ARGS should be passed to the backend command.
 ;; * find-revision (file rev buffer)
@@ -477,6 +478,12 @@
 ;;   Return the revision number that follows REV for FILE, or nil if no such
 ;;   revision exists.
+;; - log-edit-mode ()
+;;   Turn on the mode used for editing the check in log.  This
+;;   defaults to `log-edit-mode'.  If changed, it should use a mode
+;;   derived from`log-edit-mode'.
 ;; - check-headers ()
 ;;   Return non-nil if the current buffer contains any version headers.
@@ -1348,7 +1365,9 @@ Runs the normal hooks `vc-before-checkin
     files rev comment initial-contents
     "Enter a change comment."
-    (lambda (files rev comment)
+    (lambda ()
+      (vc-call-backend backend 'log-edit-mode))
+    (lambda (files rev comment extra-flags)
       (message "Checking in %s..." (vc-delistify files))
       ;; "This log message intentionally left almost blank".
       ;; RCS 5.7 gripes about white-space-only comments too.
@@ -1359,7 +1378,7 @@ Runs the normal hooks `vc-before-checkin
        ;; We used to change buffers to get local value of vc-checkin-switches,
        ;; but 'the' local buffer is not a well-defined concept for filesets.
-        (vc-call-backend backend 'checkin files rev comment)
+        (vc-call-backend backend 'checkin files rev comment extra-flags)
         (mapc 'vc-delete-automatic-version-backups files))
        `((vc-state . up-to-date)
         (vc-checkout-time . ,(nth 5 (file-attributes file)))
@@ -1729,7 +1748,7 @@ The headers are reset to their non-expan
    files rev oldcomment t
    "Enter a replacement change comment."
-   (lambda (files rev comment)
+   (lambda (files rev comment ignored)
       ;; Less of a kluge than it looks like; log-view mode only passes
       ;; this function a singleton list.  Arguments left in this form in
@@ -2414,6 +2433,8 @@ to provide the `find-revision' operation
 (defalias 'vc-default-check-headers 'ignore)
+(defun vc-default-log-edit-mode (backend) (log-edit-mode))
 (defun vc-default-log-view-mode (backend) (log-view-mode))
 (defun vc-default-show-log-entry (backend rev)
Index: vc-dispatcher.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/vc-dispatcher.el,v
retrieving revision 1.71
diff -u -3 -p -r1.71 vc-dispatcher.el
--- vc-dispatcher.el    1 Oct 2009 03:32:27 -0000       1.71
+++ vc-dispatcher.el    17 Jan 2010 09:22:23 -0000
@@ -519,20 +519,22 @@ NOT-URGENT means it is ok to continue if
 ;; Set up key bindings for use while editing log messages
-(defun vc-log-edit (fileset)
+(defun vc-log-edit (fileset mode)
   "Set up `log-edit' for use on FILE."
   (setq default-directory
        (with-current-buffer vc-parent-buffer default-directory))
   (log-edit 'vc-finish-logentry
            `((log-edit-listfun . (lambda () ',fileset))
-             (log-edit-diff-function . (lambda () (vc-diff nil)))))
+             (log-edit-diff-function . (lambda () (vc-diff nil))))
+           nil
+           mode)
   (set (make-local-variable 'vc-log-fileset) fileset)
   (make-local-variable 'vc-log-extra)
   (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
   (setq buffer-file-name nil))
-(defun vc-start-logentry (files extra comment initial-contents msg logbuf 
action &optional after-hook)
+(defun vc-start-logentry (files extra comment initial-contents msg logbuf mode 
action &optional after-hook)
   "Accept a comment for an operation on FILES with extra data EXTRA.
 If COMMENT is nil, pop up a LOGBUF buffer, emit MSG, and set the
 action on close to ACTION.  If COMMENT is a string and
@@ -557,7 +559,7 @@ for `vc-log-after-operation-hook'."
     (set (make-local-variable 'vc-parent-buffer) parent)
     (set (make-local-variable 'vc-parent-buffer-name)
         (concat " from " (buffer-name vc-parent-buffer)))
-    (vc-log-edit files)
+    (vc-log-edit files mode)
     (make-local-variable 'vc-log-after-operation-hook)
     (when after-hook
       (setq vc-log-after-operation-hook after-hook))
@@ -587,12 +589,16 @@ the buffer contents as a comment."
     (or (vc-dispatcher-browsing) (vc-buffer-sync)))
   (unless vc-log-operation
     (error "No log operation is pending"))
+  (log-view-process-buffer)
   ;; save the parameters held in buffer-local variables
   (let ((logbuf (current-buffer))
        (log-operation vc-log-operation)
        (log-fileset vc-log-fileset)
        (log-extra vc-log-extra)
        (log-entry (buffer-string))
+       (extra-flags log-edit-extra-flags)
        (after-hook vc-log-after-operation-hook)
        (tmp-vc-parent-buffer vc-parent-buffer))
     (pop-to-buffer vc-parent-buffer)
@@ -601,7 +607,9 @@ the buffer contents as a comment."
       (funcall log-operation
-              log-entry))
+              log-entry
+              extra-flags
+              ))
     ;; Remove checkin window (after the checkin so that if that fails
     ;; we don't zap the log buffer and the typing therein).
     ;; -- IMO this should be replaced with quit-window
Index: log-edit.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/log-edit.el,v
retrieving revision 1.56
diff -u -3 -p -r1.56 log-edit.el
--- log-edit.el 2 Oct 2009 03:48:41 -0000       1.56
+++ log-edit.el 17 Jan 2010 09:22:24 -0000
@@ -185,6 +185,25 @@ when this variable is set to nil.")
 (defvar log-edit-callback nil)
 (defvar log-edit-diff-function nil)
 (defvar log-edit-listfun nil)
+(defvar log-edit-extra-flags nil
+  "List of extra flags to pass to the check in command.")
+(defvar log-edit-before-checkin-process nil
+  "Alist that contains instructions for processing the commit message before 
check in.
+The format is: (REGEXP . INSTRUCTIONS).
+All lines matching REGEXP are removed.
+For example:
+(\"^#.*\" . nil)
+means: just remove all lines starting with #.  This can be used
+to insert lines in the commit buffer that contain, for example, the
+list of files to be committed.
+(\"Author: \\(.*\\)\" . (list \"--author\" (match-string 1)))
+means: append (list \"--author\" (match-string 1)) to
 (defvar log-edit-parent-buffer nil)
 ;;; Originally taken from VC-Log mode
@@ -315,9 +334,10 @@ automatically."
      (2 font-lock-function-name-face))))
-(defun log-edit (callback &optional setup params buffer &rest ignore)
+(defun log-edit (callback &optional setup params buffer mode &rest ignore)
   "Setup a buffer to enter a log message.
-\\<log-edit-mode-map>The buffer will be put in `log-edit-mode'.
+\\<log-edit-mode-map>The buffer will be put in mode MODE or `log-edit-mode'
+if MODE is nil.
 If SETUP is non-nil, the buffer is then erased and `log-edit-hook' is run.
 Mark and point will be set around the entire contents of the buffer so
 that it is easy to kill the contents of the buffer with \\[kill-region].
@@ -338,7 +358,9 @@ uses the current buffer."
     (when (and log-edit-setup-invert (not (eq setup 'force)))
       (setq setup (not setup)))
     (when setup (erase-buffer))
-    (log-edit-mode)
+    (if mode
+       (funcall mode)
+      (log-edit-mode))
     (set (make-local-variable 'log-edit-callback) callback)
     (if (listp params)
        (dolist (crt params)
@@ -707,6 +729,17 @@ Sort REGIONS front-to-back first."
       (log-edit-changelog-insert-entries (car buffer-entry) (cdr buffer-entry))
       (when (cdr buffer-entry) (newline)))))
+(defun log-view-process-buffer ()
+  (when log-edit-before-checkin-process
+    (dolist (crt log-edit-before-checkin-process)
+      ;; Remove all lines matching (car crt)
+      ;; Append to `log-edit-extra-flags' the results of (cdr crt).
+      (goto-char (point-min))
+      (while (re-search-forward (car crt) nil t)
+       (when (cdr crt)
+         (setq log-edit-extra-flags (append log-edit-extra-flags (eval (cdr 
+       (replace-match "" nil t)))))
 (provide 'log-edit)
 ;; arch-tag: 8089b39c-983b-4e83-93cd-ed0a64c7fdcc
Index: vc-bzr.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/vc-bzr.el,v
retrieving revision 1.94
diff -u -3 -p -r1.94 vc-bzr.el
--- vc-bzr.el   9 Dec 2009 06:04:12 -0000       1.94
+++ vc-bzr.el   17 Jan 2010 09:22:24 -0000
@@ -426,11 +445,11 @@ or a superior directory.")
   "Unregister FILE from bzr."
   (vc-bzr-command "remove" nil 0 file "--keep"))
-(defun vc-bzr-checkin (files rev comment)
+(defun vc-bzr-checkin (files rev comment &optional extra-args)
   "Check FILE in to bzr with log message COMMENT.
 REV non-nil gets an error."
   (if rev (error "Can't check in a specific revision with bzr"))
-  (vc-bzr-command "commit" nil 0 files "-m" comment))
+  (apply 'vc-bzr-command "commit" nil 0 files (append (list "-m" comment) 
 (defun vc-bzr-find-revision (file rev buffer)
   "Fetch revision REV of file FILE and put it into BUFFER."
@@ -520,6 +540,12 @@ REV non-nil gets an error."
        (goto-char (point-min)))
+(define-derived-mode vc-bzr-log-edit-mode log-edit-mode "Bzr-Log-Edit"
+  (set (make-local-variable 'log-edit-extra-flags) nil)
+  (set (make-local-variable 'log-edit-before-checkin-process)
+       '(("^Author:[ \t]+\\(.*\\)[ \t]*$" . (list "--author" (match-string 
 (defun vc-bzr-diff (files &optional rev1 rev2 buffer)
   "VC bzr backend for diff."
   ;; `bzr diff' exits with code 1 if diff is non-empty.
@@ -722,7 +760,9 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
     (define-key map "\C-k" 'vc-bzr-shelve-delete-at-point)
     ;; (define-key map "=" 'vc-bzr-shelve-show-at-point)
     ;; (define-key map "\C-m" 'vc-bzr-shelve-show-at-point)
-    (define-key map "A" 'vc-bzr-shelve-apply-at-point)
+    (define-key map "A" 'vc-bzr-shelve-apply-and-keep-at-point)
+    (define-key map "P" 'vc-bzr-shelve-apply-at-point)
+    (define-key map "S" 'vc-bzr-shelve-snapshot)
 (defvar vc-bzr-shelve-menu-map
@@ -731,8 +771,11 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
       '(menu-item "Delete shelf" vc-bzr-shelve-delete-at-point
                  :help "Delete the current shelf"))
     (define-key map [ap]
-      '(menu-item "Apply shelf" vc-bzr-shelve-apply-at-point
-                 :help "Apply the current shelf"))
+      '(menu-item "Apply and keep shelf" vc-bzr-shelve-apply-and-keep-at-point
+                 :help "Apply the current shelf and keep it"))
+    (define-key map [po]
+      '(menu-item "Apply and remove shelf (pop)" vc-bzr-shelve-apply-at-point
+                 :help "Apply the current shelf and remove it"))
     ;; (define-key map [sh]
     ;;   '(menu-item "Show shelve" vc-bzr-shelve-show-at-point
     ;;                   :help "Show the contents of the current shelve"))
@@ -740,6 +783,9 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
 (defvar vc-bzr-extra-menu-map
   (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+    (define-key map [bzr-sn]
+      '(menu-item "Shelve a snapshot" vc-bzr-shelve-snapshot
+                 :help "Shelve the current state of the tree and keep the 
current state"))
     (define-key map [bzr-sh]
       '(menu-item "Shelve..." vc-bzr-shelve
                  :help "Shelve changes"))
@@ -790,7 +836,7 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
             (propertize x
                         'face 'font-lock-variable-name-face
                         'mouse-face 'highlight
-                        'help-echo "mouse-3: Show shelve menu\nA: Apply 
shelf\nC-k: Delete shelf"
+                        'help-echo "mouse-3: Show shelve menu\nA: Apply and 
keep shelf\nP: Apply and remove shelf (pop)\nS: Snapshot to a shelf\nC-k: 
Delete shelf"
                         'keymap vc-bzr-shelve-map))
           shelve "\n"))
@@ -820,11 +866,28 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
 ;;   (pop-to-buffer (current-buffer)))
 (defun vc-bzr-shelve-apply (name)
-  "Apply shelve NAME."
-  (interactive "sApply shelf: ")
+  "Apply shelve NAME and remove it afterwards."
+  (interactive "sApply (and remove) shelf: ")
   (vc-bzr-command "unshelve" "*vc-bzr-shelve*" 0 nil "--apply" name)
   (vc-resynch-buffer (vc-bzr-root default-directory) t t))
+(defun vc-bzr-shelve-apply-and-keep (name)
+  "Apply shelve NAME and keep it afterwards."
+  (interactive "sApply (and keep) shelf: ")
+  (vc-bzr-command "unshelve" "*vc-bzr-shelve*" 0 nil "--apply" "--keep" name)
+  (vc-resynch-buffer (vc-bzr-root default-directory) t t))
+(defun vc-bzr-shelve-snapshot ()
+  "Create a stash with the current tree state."
+  (interactive)
+  (vc-bzr-command "shelve" nil 0 nil "--all" "-m"
+                 (let ((ct (current-time)))
+                   (concat
+                    (format-time-string "Snapshot on %Y-%m-%d" ct)
+                    (format-time-string " at %H:%M" ct))))
+  (vc-bzr-command "unshelve" "*vc-bzr-shelve*" 0 nil "--apply" "--keep")
+  (vc-resynch-buffer (vc-bzr-root default-directory) t t))
 (defun vc-bzr-shelve-list ()
     (vc-bzr-command "shelve" (current-buffer) 1 nil "--list" "-q")
@@ -857,6 +920,10 @@ stream.  Standard error output is discar
   (vc-bzr-shelve-apply (vc-bzr-shelve-get-at-point (point))))
+(defun vc-bzr-shelve-apply-and-keep-at-point ()
+  (interactive)
+  (vc-bzr-shelve-apply-and-keep (vc-bzr-shelve-get-at-point (point))))
 (defun vc-bzr-shelve-menu (e)
   (interactive "e")
   (vc-dir-at-event e (popup-menu vc-bzr-shelve-menu-map e)))

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