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Re: Handling invisible text in bidirectional display

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Handling invisible text in bidirectional display
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 09:11:35 +0100
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>> Conversely, suppose I have the displayed text
>> abcCBAxyz
>> with `point' between "b" and "c" and `mark' between "C" and "B" - no
>> overlays or text properties involved.  When I now kill the region what
>> will show up on the kill ring - "cAB" or "cC"?
> I didn't introduce a ``visual-order'' killing, so text is still killed
> in the logical order.  Therefore, the characters that will be killed
> and appear in the kill ring are cAB (displayed as "cBA"), and the
> resulting display after killing will be "abCxyz".  Makes sense?

Perfectly.  But this means that with `transient-mark-mode' the region
may consist of up to three non-contiguous stretches of text on the
display as, for example, with text displayed as CBAabcFED and `point'
between B and A and `mark' between F and E.  A and F would _not_ be
highlighted, I presume?


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