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Re: Showing network speed in emacs mode line.

From: Vicente Hernando Ara
Subject: Re: Showing network speed in emacs mode line.
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 01:31:32 +0100

Hi Ken,

this elisp program parses /proc/net/dev file searching for the line
containing the interface you selected. Then it gets first and ninth
numbers (for received and transmitted bytes) and performs a
subtraction and a division to calculate speed)

I would check that /proc/net/dev file to know if it changes adequately
when you are online.

I this gives us no clue I would add a (message "hello") to
network-speed-update-handler and network-speed-get-rx-tx-bytes
functions. network-speed-update-handler is the function called every
network-speed-update-interval seconds and
network-speed-get-rx-tx-bytes parses the file and store values in a
list of vectors.

On 20/01/2010, Ken Hori <address@hidden> wrote:
> interesting elisp. but the only thing that gets appended to modeline is
> [eth0 rx:0 B/s tx:0 B/s]
> there is no change whatsoever even though i am online (otherwise you wouldnt
> receive this email).
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 3:00 PM, Vicente Hernando Ara
> <address@hidden>wrote:
>> Hi to all the emacs community!
>> I have written an elisp file(attached to this mail) that shows network
>> speed in emacs mode line.
>> Just to make it work:
>> M-x load-file RET /path/to/network-speed.el
>> M-x network-speed-start
>> and to stop it showing in the mode line
>> M-x network-speed-stop
>> There are several customizable variables. e.g in my .emacs file :
>> (custom-set-variables
>> ....
>>  '(network-speed-update-interval 2)   ; Shows network speed every 2
>> seconds.
>>  '(network-speed-interface-list (list "ppp0" "eth0")))  ; Network
>> interfaces to be shown in mode line.
>>  '(network-speed-precision 1) ; Number of digits to be shown after decimal
>> point.
>>  '(network-speed-format-string " [%NI %AX %AB] ") ;  or i.e: "[%NI rx:%RX
>> tx:%TX]"
>>  '(network-speed-interface-list (list "ppp0" "eth0"))  ; Network
>> interfaces
>> to be shown in mode line.
>> network-speed-format-string can be customized to show:
>> %NI : network interface name
>> %RB: received bytes
>> %TB: transmitted bytes
>> %AB: all received + transmitted bytes.
>> %RX: received byte speed.
>> %TX: transmitted byte speed.
>> %AX: total byte speed.
>> %%%: escape secuence for % character.
>> I hope you test it and enjoy!
>> Any constructive criticism is welcomed.
>> I also would be glad about signing FSF papers for this file if it is
>> considered worthy.
>> Kind regards,
>> Vicente.

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