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Re: locate-library, the NOSUFFIX arg and a [PATCH]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: locate-library, the NOSUFFIX arg and a [PATCH]
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 06:23:05 -0500
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> I make the same request:
> (locate-library "subr" t '("/home/mon/fnd-sbr"))

> locate-library returns
> => "/home/mon/fnd-sbr/subr.gz"

Thanks!  Yes, this is a good example of a problematic case.  I wish you
had started with it.  Indeed, the docstring would need adjustment for
it.  Not sure how best to do it.  Basically the compression extensions
like ".gz" are treated as "non-suffixes".  Or maybe the code should be
changed to not add the compression suffixes in this case.  I can't
remember enough of why the code is doing it now: maybe it's simple
accidental consequence of the implementation, or maybe there's an actual
use case for which it matters.

>> Again, no, because this argument describes which extensions might be
>> added to the provided string in order to find a file name.  None of the
>> file name's suffixes are ever removed by locate-library.

> Except ".el.gz" right?

Again, please give me a relevant example.


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