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Re: merge conlict?

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: merge conlict?
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 15:41:54 +0200
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On 2010-01-25 13:22 (+0100), Óscar Fuentes wrote:

> I was going to do that. Thanks for saving me the ASCII art. I abhor
> doing any kind of visual art :-)
> You can view the branch diagram with `bzr qlog'. You need the qbzr
> plugin, which is included on most bzr installers and distro
> repositories.

I made it with "git log --graph --oneline" and copy-pasted to my

>> Well, technically nothing bad has happened.
> Unless you take the "technically" part as "no code was lost", I beg to
> differ. A simple `bzr log' will show that the commits of the last few
> days are gone from the listing. You need to add the `-n2' parameter to
> see them as merged history under Mark's commit. Ideally, you shouldn't
> need to look at the merged history except for "serious" branches. Do a
> `bzr log -n2' and see how much uninteresting stuff you get. So now
> part of the important stuff was moved to the same level as the
> uninteresting stuff.

Ok, yes. Bazaar's log gets really bad if one doesn't maintain strict
mainline mentality and practices. What looks like the mainline is not
always so. I don't think it was a good design decision to build user
interface too heavily around that.

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