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Re: font selection mechanism (e.g., Japanese)

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: font selection mechanism (e.g., Japanese)
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 20:51:20 +0900

In article <address@hidden>, David Reitter <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm trying to understand the font selection system in order to fix  
> problems, e.g., with the display of `han' characters in Japanese.  I'd  
> appreciate your help if you're knowledgeable with font.c.

I know about font.c, but know nothing about NS port.

> A good example for font selection problems in Emacs 23 is Japanese,  
> which mixes characters from different scripts.  For example, we have  
> latin characters, chinese (kanji, script: 'han'), and other scripts  
> (hiragana, katakana).
> I have four issues.

> 1. Selecting a better `han' font.

> Finding a font to display 'han' characters is difficult for the  
> current algorithm.  What is needed is a font that is similar to the  
> context font (the font chosen by the user for the face).  In Emacs 23  
> (at least on the NS port with my set of fonts), han characters look  
> very different in weight when combined with fonts common on my system,  
> e.g. Monaco or Lucida Grande.
> See a user's complaint:  
> http://lists.aquamacs.org/pipermail/aquamacs-devel/2009-August/002271.html

> The reason for this is that font selection prefers high coverage of  
> the chosen font for the script; it finds some fonts on my system that  
> have high (90%) coverage and then chooses among them, even though  
> other fonts would have sufficient coverage and look much better.   
> `Han' is obviously a pretty big set of characters, so only few fonts  
> cover that many characters.  At the same time, only a small portion of  
> these is commonly used (in Japanese at least), from what I understand.

> Reducing the threshold  for script coverage, eg. in ns_findfonts for  
> the NS port, addresses that - the `list' function of the font driver  
> will return a much bigger set of fonts so that font_select_entity()  
> can do its job.

Hmmm, then NS's font-backend should be improved.  Could
someone working on NS port please port take a look at this

> The problem I have now is to get it to choose different fonts within  
> the same script in cases where a low-coverage font does not provide a  
> glyph.  The above threshold change makes things work better in  
> practice, but the HELLO file shows serious regressions.

Regression in which part?  Only for Han scripts, or for all scripts?

> Where in the code would one get it to choose a different font for a  
> character if the current font can't display it?  This is by-character  
> selection, not by-script.

The function fontset_find_font in fontset.c does that job.

> 2. face-font-family-alternatives : broken?

> face-font-family-alternatives does not work at all for me.  In  
> font_find_for_lface(), "val" seems to empty; printing SDATA  
> (attrs[LFACE_FAMILY_INDEX]) shows something better, like  
> "Lucida_Grande".  But that's not what the alist is queried for.

Do you mean this code in font_find_for_lface?

  if (NILP (val) && STRINGP (attrs[LFACE_FAMILY_INDEX]))
      val = attrs[LFACE_FAMILY_INDEX];
      val = font_intern_prop ((char *) SDATA (val), SBYTES (val), 1);

If val is not correctly set, perhaps you compiled Emacs with
some optimization.  Please try to recompile Emacs as
something like below:

% make CFLAGS=-g clean all

> 3. font driver specific matching

> As an observation:  The matching provided by the font driver (as a  
> backup to listing the entities) is not usually called, at least in the  
> NS port.  This is because font_find_for_lface() usually seems to widen  
> the search so much (pretty much looking for all fonts) that the  
> matching algorithm never gets chance.

In font selection, specs in fontset are mandatory but specs
from face attributes are just preference.  So,
font_find_for_lface widens the restriction by setting only
preferred specs to nil one by one.

By the way, I locally have a code that respect the order of
fonts returned by font_driver->list () in font sorting.  I'm
going to commit it for post 23.2 branch.  Then, each driver
can return fonts in their preferred order.

> 4. Searching for fonts by foundry.

> Below patch makes the selection algorithm a little more sensible  
> (fonts of the same foundry rarely have much in common graphically).   
> But it doesn't address the problem.

Thank you for the patch.  It seems good.  I'll adopt it for
post 23.2 branch.

> commit d858f9ea2f60b37aa6f44b3d824cbaf0f1f867ae
> Author: David Reitter <address@hidden>
> Date:   Fri Jan 29 00:31:17 2010 -0500

>      font_find_for_lface: do not try to find face by Foundry (Author)  
> name only
>      This is not sensible.

> diff --git a/src/font.c b/src/font.c
> index 557f1fb..b578c04 100644
> --- a/src/font.c
> +++ b/src/font.c
> @@ -3451,6 +3451,10 @@ font_find_for_lface (f, attrs, spec, c)
>         ASET (work, FONT_FAMILY_INDEX, family[i]);
>         for (j = 0; SYMBOLP (foundry[j]); j++)
>          {
> +         if (NILP (family[i]) && ! NILP (foundry[j]))
> +           /* do not look for "some foundry, any family".
> +              That doesn't tend to yield similar fonts. */
> +           continue;
>            ASET (work, FONT_FOUNDRY_INDEX, foundry[j]);
>            for (k = 0; SYMBOLP (registry[k]); k++)
>              {

Kenichi Handa

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