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Re: Emacs pretest 23.1.92

From: Uwe Siart
Subject: Re: Emacs pretest 23.1.92
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 10:49:34 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.1.91 (windows-nt)

"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

>> Emacs pretest 23.1.92 is now available for download via FTP, at the
>> following location:
>>   ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/pretest/emacs-23.1.92.tar.gz
>> The xdelta against the Emacs 23.1.91 pretest is here:
>>   ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/pretest/emacs-23.1.91-23.1.92.xdelta
>> This is the third pretest for what will be the Emacs 23.2 release.
> Hoping for http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/pretest/windows/, when you get a
> chance. Thx.

Will there be a 23.1.92 bin package for windows?
Sorry for bothering and thx.


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