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Re: file-truename, convert-standard-filename

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: file-truename, convert-standard-filename
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 20:38:13 -0500
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> THEORETICALLY, one _always_ needs c-s-f, unless either (1) you know
> that the file that is named exists or (2) you know _all_ of the
> following: (2a) the file system being used, (2b) the file name being
> used, and (2c) that the given file name is a valid one for the given
> file system.

No, I think it should be more restrictive: you should use c-s-f if and
only if the file name might not be valid on the current system, and
where it would be a bug if that file name turned out to be invalid on
the current system.

In most cases, the first condition is already false: you generally get
file names which you know are valid on the current system.  Of the
remining cases, most fail the second condition: for most files that may
not be valid, it's perfectly OK to signal an error if it turns out to be
invalid, because it was a user-error to use that file name.

So yes, the cases where c-s-f are needed are rare and mostly "internal".


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