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Re: Casing of number literals in ada-mode

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: Casing of number literals in ada-mode
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 17:13:40 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

>    > Hi Stephen, could you check this patch?  If it's OK, we can commit it.
>    I can't reproduce the problem, so I don't see the need for the fix.
>    Jose; can you file a bug report, with a reproducer?
> You can reproduce the bug in this way:
> 1) emacs -Q
> 2) M-xada-mode
> 3) Type: 16#ffff_ffff#;

Ok, now I see it. I never type hex with all lowercase, so I've never
encountered this.

Yes, this is a good fix. I've added this to my test suite.

Thanks for reporting and fixing this.

-- Stephe

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