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Emacs too flashy under X

From: Ken Hori
Subject: Emacs too flashy under X
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:21:43 -0800

Emacs 23.1.90 under X is too "flashy" to me.  It is probably due
to too many funcalls to `redraw-frame' in many elisp functions.
The flash caused by `redraw-frame' under my environment occurs
when e.g. switching b/w buffers, running find-file, doing
recenter without arg, moving mouse cursor over an emacs frame,
etc. Because of this, my eyes get tired quickly when working on

To prevent the "flash", I made the following change to dispnew.c,
and emacs has gotten much, much better:

<  if (!glyphs_initialized_initially_p)
>  if (1)

Does anyone feel the same way?
Could we please make emacs less flashy on X so users feel less stress to eyes?

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