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patch for emacsclient to support GNU_NODE

From: Hugh Holbrook
Subject: patch for emacsclient to support GNU_NODE
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 22:58:36 -0800

I'd like to offer the attached patch to emacs.  I have been
using this for a while now and find it useful.

The patch adds support for handling the GNU_NODE environment
variable in emacsclient, and documentation of it.  When TCP
connections are used, any local filename sent to the server is
absolutified and prefixed with the value of GNU_NODE, if set,
before sending. The GNU_NODE_EXCLUDE environment variable is a
PATH-style (colon-separated) list of directories to exclude
from GNU_NODE processing, which is useful if your home directory
is mounted at the same place locally and on the server.

This feature is inspired by similar support in gnuclient from
xemacs.  GNU_NODE_EXCLUDE is not present in gnuclient, to my
knowledge.  I preserved the name GNU_NODE to maintain

The patch attempts to support GNU_NODE when built for windows,
but I will confess to not having tested this on windows.


-Hugh Holbrook

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