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Re: emacsclient -t inside Emacs terminal

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: emacsclient -t inside Emacs terminal
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 14:59:17 -0500
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Ulrich Mueller wrote:

> emacsclient.c contains a test for TERM being equal to "eterm" and
> refuses to open a frame in this case. I wonder what is the purpose of
> this?

>From admin/notes/multi-tty

   emacsclient -t from an Emacs term buffer does not work, complains
   about face problems. This can even lock up Emacs (if the recursive
   frame sets single_kboard). Update: the face problems are caused by
   bugs in term.el, not in multi-tty. The lockup is caused by
   single_kboard mode, and is not easily resolvable. The best thing to
   do is to simply refuse to create a tty frame of type `eterm'.

   (Fixed, changed emacsclient to check for TERM=eterm.  The face
   complaints seem to be caused by bugs in term.el; they are not
   related to multi-tty.)

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