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Customize UI (was: Emacs-23 release branch)

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Customize UI (was: Emacs-23 release branch)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:34:35 +0200
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> * Improving the Customize user interface (I have some working in this
>   area that I'm going to commit soon).

I propose more improvements for the Customize user interface:

** Move sub-group links to the top of the Customize buffer.
   This will make the group tree navigation much easier.
   Most file browsers do the same: they put links to subdirectories
   before links to files (in Customize, options are analogous to files,
   and groups - to directories).

  So UI would look like:
  Parent groups: Environment Files
    Dired Faces : Faces used by Dired.
    Dired Mark : Handling marks in Dired.
    Dired X : Extended directory editing (dired-x).
    Find Dired : Run a `find' command and dired the output.
    Ls Lisp : Emulate the ls program completely in Emacs Lisp.
    Wdired : Mode to rename files by editing their names in dired buffers.
  Dired group: Directory editing.
        State: visible group members are all at standard values.

  Directory Free Space Args
     Options to use when running `directory-free-space-program'.

  Directory Free Space Program
     Program to get the amount of free space on a file system. More

  [more options...]

** Implement Info-like navigation, so `t' will go to the Top
   of the group tree, `l' will go to the previous Customize buffer
   (`u' already goes Up like in Info).

** There are "floating mountains" - groups that can't be reached from the Top.
   There should be a way to find all such groups, and now I accidentally
   found one such group `mime' (but its related groups `mime-display' and
   `mime-security' are ok - they have the parent `mail').

Juri Linkov

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