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RE: AW: delete-selection-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: AW: delete-selection-mode
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 07:42:09 -0700

> > But IMHO the following is fact: Today Emacs has very strong
> > competitors concerning "what is the most effective way to code my
> > programs" - a lot of (commercial or free or open source) so called
> > IDEs have adopted some of the pure editing power of Emacs 
> > but offer on
> > top some power Emacs still lacks today, as for example 
> > real, fast and
> > powerful refactoring, code navigation and other goodies you 
> > need much
> > more for effective Code-development than some certain
> > Emacs-specials.
> If they offer real, fast and powerful refactoring, code navigation and
> other goodies, then the way to compete with them is to add powerful
> refactoring, code navigation and other goodies to Emacs.  If we make
> Emacs the same as them, only worse, that won't help us.
> Efficient user interaction is one area that Emacs is good in, 
> partly due
> to long discussions and diligent and carefully planned changes of
> semantics.  Why should we sacrifice that before the problems in
> connection with normal user operation have found solutions?
> Emacs has useful syntax highlighting, useful transient marks, 
> useful GUI
> integration, in particular when compared with the 
> "pathbreaker" XEmacs,
> and part of the reason is that those features were not 
> enabled until the
> problems around them have found satisfactory solutions.
> "Everybody else does it" is no substitute for efficient and useful
> semantics.

So now we're off onto a wide-open discussion of Emacs vs The Others, and Emacs
vs The World.

Sheesh. And I sardonically warned about the discussion going off into the
boondocks of cua-mode, pc-selection-mode, and mice vs keyboards. I shoulda known
that net wasn't wide enough... Anyway, you've provided an illustration in

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