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RE: highlighting non-ASCII characters (was: Translation of http statusco

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: highlighting non-ASCII characters (was: Translation of http statuscode to text)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 09:50:10 -0700

> JL> Maybe `escape-glyph' is a relevant face?
> I don't think it applies to non-ASCII by default, at least
> for me it doesn't.... Also it would be good if the effect
> did not interfere with other faces

I agree. `escape-glyph' is designed for a different use. Its intended use is
given by its doc string, and it is very precise and clear:

"Face for characters displayed as sequences using `^' or `\'.

In my case, I customize `escape-glyph' to be something very noticeable (orange
background, with blue foreground and 1-pixel blue box). I want to see something
like ^G really stand out. I don't want to see non-ascii chars handled the same

It is a too-common mistake, IMO, to try too hard to reuse existing faces. It
complicates use (including customization) of those faces if they end up
signifying a collection of disparate things.

We should have the reflex, when tempted to reuse a face, to think twice. In
general, just say no to such y-a-qu'a impulses. ;-)

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