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Re: Installing changes from branches

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: Installing changes from branches
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 17:18:06 +0200
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Stefan Monnier skrev 2010-04-03 16.08:
That is OK.  I didn't even know comments got merged like this.
Isn't the real problem that bzr requires a commit in the quickfix branch
after a merge?

Bzr doesn't require any such thing.  You decided to commit, not bzr.

It is what the wiki-page says, I'm only following orders :-).
Anyway, I think bzr requires a commit before next merge. Maybe there is some --force option to circumvent that.

That's linked to the fact that you decided to use "merge" rather than
"pull", i.e. use a separate branch.

I just decided to follow the instructions on the wiki page, pull isn't mentioned as an alternative there.

If you are doing some work that takes time, I find it easier to merge
from the trunk from time to time, rather than taking a big hit at
the end.

There are many different ways to do it.  I suggested a few in the part
of the message you elided:
- "For such changes, it's a lot better to just take the diff from the
   branch, apply to the trunk and commit".  That's what I do, as a matter
   of fact, and I have grown to like it, since this "diff&patch" is
   a good opportunity to rework/cleanup the patch one last time before
   committing it.
- "Or to use "bzr rebase" instead".
- "Another very good solution is to not use quickfix branches at all, but
   use shelves instead".

Rebase sounds good. Doing diff and patch manually kind of feels like bzr is missing something.

Something like a collapsed merge would be good, i.e. merge from quickfix,
but only record it as a single commit.

Indeed, you can also do that:

   cd .../trunk
   bzr merge .../quickfix
   bzr revert --forget-merges
   bzr commit ...

that's virtually the same as "diff&patch": it forgets all about the
branch's history.

But according to Óscar Fuentes you must later overwrite your quickfix branch with a pull --overwrite. I assume you loose local history on the quickfix branch then?

It is all very confusing.

        Jan D.

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