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Re: turn-on-bug-reference-mode, turn-on-bug-reference-prog-mode type fun

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: turn-on-bug-reference-mode, turn-on-bug-reference-prog-mode type functions
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 14:53:11 -0400
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>>> I think either method suggested by Richard would be workable, but I
>>> will point out that I have, in the past, wanted the additional forms
>>> to turn *off* a minor mode in a hook.
>> Of course (lambda () (foo-mode -1)) will still work just fine.
> Absolutely.  I'm just suggesting that if we get rid of turn-off-foo-mode,
> then we place emphasis on putting something like the above in the
> documentation and making it findable, especially in the context of
> hooks.   I was going to suggest just placing a note or ref in whatever
> spots we current mention turn-off-foo-mode, but grep'ing for turn-off
> in the current Info tree turns up only turn-off-backup in gnus.

Yes, we should advertise it more.  Although I do not intend to get rid
of turn-on/off-foo-modes, I do want to discourage their use (I'd like
to obsolete them, but currently we don't have any good way to obsolete
end-user-functions, since the obsolescence-info is only used by the
byte-compiler which the end-user is likely to never run on his .emacs).


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