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Re: Embedding SQLite

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Embedding SQLite
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 13:26:52 -0500
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On Sat, 17 Apr 2010 21:55:23 +0200 Florian Weimer <address@hidden> wrote: 

FW> Would an interface to SQLite be acceptable for integration into Emacs?
FW> I'm looking into improving the performance of large nnml folders in
FW> Gnus, and storing the .overview data in an SQLite database might be an
FW> option.

FW> SQLite is public domain and could be shipped with GNU Emacs.  It is
FW> supposed to be quite portable.

I am in favor of doing this.  In my experience SQLite has been fast and
reliable, plus it can be controlled with SQL which is a well-known
language.  It would be nice if it was possible to serialize/deserialize
hashtables and lists directly from a SQLite table.

It may seem like "just another library" but I'm tired of the 30 ways in
Emacs to serialize data and then load it back (all of them
inefficient and incompatible with each other).  Gnus, at least, would
benefit significantly from this.

I wouldn't make it an external dependency, though.  Bring it into Emacs
itself and update the C source when an update is released.


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