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RE: Gtk tabs in emacs, new branch

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Gtk tabs in emacs, new branch
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:28:48 -0700

> > Is the intention to be able to save and restore all current 
> > window & frame configurations?
> Yes, I've implemented the task to save and restore frame and
> window configurations in the desktop file.

Is this feature part of the 23-1-91 pretest or otherwise intended for 23.2? If
so, is it documented? If it's in the pretest I would like to try it.

Can users save such frame & window configs independently of desktops - and vice
versa? Can they save individual frame/window configs as well as all configs
together? See the rest of my previous mail.

A desktop saves some variables, buffers, etc. Users should be able to save just
frame/window state or just the vars+bufs state, as well as being able to save
everything together at once. It doesn't matter whether this new feature is in a
separate library (which might be more modular) or is in desktop.el, but
frame/window saving/restoration should be separable from the traditional use of
desktops to save/restore buffers and vars.

Also, desktop.el has a big limitation (which I would like to see removed): it
assumes only one desktop file per directory. I would not like to see such a
gross limitation extended to the saving and restoring of frame and window
configs. There is no reason for that.

Please see the rest of my previous mail. Can users hook into this to handle
user-defined frame parameters also? The feature should be open and not limited
to a predefined set of parameters.

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