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Re: Window configurations

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Window configurations
Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 22:50:59 -0400
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> The patch I sent on 2010-04-27 allows Info-desktop-buffer-misc-data
> to save all virtual nodes to the desktop, except Info-apropos.
> Info-apropos takes too much time to create a node with the search results.
> So restoring an Info-apropos node from the desktop file would be
> unacceptably slow.
> There is no such problem for bookmarks because when the user decides
> to restore a bookmark for an Info-apropos node, then the user is ready
> to wait until this Info node is created and displayed.

Thanks, that makes sense.  So maybe the bookmark data should include
some `slow' tag of some sort if we want to use it for desktop.el.

> There is another package that could benefit from the functionality of
> bookmark.el - saveplace.el that saves places in files.  For instance,
> when I put point on the `* Elisp: (elisp)' line in `dir', kill the
> *info* buffer, and type `C-h i' again, then I'd like if point was
> on the same `* Elisp: (elisp)' line.

Of course.  The stack of *Help* topics is another one that could use it.


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