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Re: Window configurations

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Window configurations
Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 09:04:37 -0400
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>> Interesting problem in itself, indeed.  Luckily, I'm satisfied with the
>> echo area for that purpose.  Good luck!
> The echo area sucks for two reasons: When you have windows above each
> other and work in the upper one, your eyes have to continuously pass
> through the lower window down to the echo area.  What's worse, however,
> is that the eldoc message obscures all sorts of other messages which is
> particularly annoying when you want to read them during debugging.

Yes, I'm not trying to argue it's perfect.  Just that I'm satisfied for
my own use.  Of course we should try to minimize the number of cases
where it hides useful info.  One possibility is to try and provide
better control so the user can prevent eldoc from showing up while she's
reading a previous message, and so that she can remove the eldoc message
to recover the previous message.

> Having `set-window-configuration' "kill the window if the buffer died"
> is not entirely trivial though.

What kind of problems did you encounter (other than the one below)?

> What shall we do when the last window has a deleted buffer?
> Kill the frame?

That could make sense, yes, since that's what would happen if the
deletion had taken place while the frame was displayed.  But we could
also fallback to the current behavior in that corner case, since
I'd assume it to be rare anyway (i.e. not worth spending too much time,
at least for now).


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