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Re: Emacs 23, so slow to refresh on Windows

From: bogossian
Subject: Re: Emacs 23, so slow to refresh on Windows
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 12:06:37 -0400

AFAICS, the OP is interested in computer-generated files (dumps, logs,
etc.), which presumably have lots of lines. The
just-one-extremely-long-line file is a contrived example (not that
these kind of files do not exist, but I suppose they aren't that

Exactly, the 8MB file was just a simple and easy to reproduce example,
that I could use in a small benchmark in order to get some figures.

Given that you're using the right font (such as 6x13 ou the bitmap version of courier), even scrolling though a file whose lines are 1000 characters long will feel painfully slow with Emacs 23, while it was perfectly smooth with
previous versions.

But I have sometimes to open log files containing lines that can be tens of thousands characters long. For such files, Emacs is totally unusable, every
move in the file resulting in a long hang.

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