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RE: use of minibuffer in interactive spec code

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: use of minibuffer in interactive spec code
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 05:44:01 -0700

> > It turns out that I now need to bind 
> > `minibuffer-completion-predicate' in the
> > interactive spec. Otherwise, it has the value that is used for
> > `read-directory-name', which is `file-directory-p'.
> I cannot reproduce this problem on the trunk.  Can you?

I don't have a trunk. ;-) The latest Windows binary I have is 23.2. If a more
recent binary becomes available I can check that. Or if there is a particular
source file or two that I can download and try (assuming I can get through to
the HTTP page), I can do that.

But as I said, the breakage occurred apparently between the last pretest and
23.2. Since the last pretest was not long before 23.2, and since you think you
were the one who might have broken this, perhaps you can look at changes you
made during that short period.

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