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RE: dired-jump keybinding and autoload

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dired-jump keybinding and autoload
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 09:45:50 -0700

> >>> `C-x C-j' is a global key binding, unlike other dired 
> >>> keys.  But I agree that dired-jump is useful enough to
> >>> deserve its global key binding, and I know no other
> >>> package that would conflict with it.
> >
> > Jabber.el uses this binding as a prefix key.
> That's is the reason why I have a doubt about moving it out 
> of dired-x. Maybe for dired-jump we should find a new
> keybinding not used by other packages?

Which "other packages"? Any and all that exist now or might ever be created?

Jabber.el is not part of the Emacs distribution, AFAICT.

If, as you say, there is no code distributed with Emacs that uses `C-x C-j',
then that global binding should be fine for Emacs to use (modulo some other
reason against it).  At least I've never before noticed any reluctance to use
bindings that might be used by some 3rd-party code.

3rd-party bindings could be taken into consideration, all other things being
equal, but where would you draw the line?  Which 3rd-party code would merit
respecting its bindings?  Such code ranges from tiny, personal customizations to
giant, stable libraries used by many people for years.  Which bindings should
Emacs take care not to appropriate?

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