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Re: force-mode-line-update ALL argument

Subject: Re: force-mode-line-update ALL argument
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 13:14:51 -0400

On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 8:16 AM, martin rudalics <address@hidden> wrote:

> The entire idea is that `set-buffer' should not have an effect on the
> mode line, only `set-window-buffer' should.

,---- (documentation 'window-dedicated-p)
| Functions like `set-window-buffer' may change the buffer displayed
| by a window, unless that window is "strongly" dedicated to its
| buffer, that is the value returned by `window-dedicated-p' is t.

IIRTC this says that `set-window-buffer' _should_ change display but
may not be depended upon to _always_ do so esp. when a window has
`strong' voodoo acting upon it.

> It does affect what?

The volatile state of transient changedness with regards intermediate
states of display.

> set_buffer_temp doesn't enter here.
>> {...}
> record_buffer doesn't enter here either.

Seriously, how can you be sure?

> in `force-mode-line-update' and the ALL argument has no effect. When
> {...}
> argument has been set.  Now, usually the current buffer is shown in
> the selected window, so this went by unnoticed ever since that.

I doubt it has gone unnoticed for 10+ years.  More likely no one was
brave enough to assert that Fset_buffer_modified_p et al cover _all_

Maybe you are the Obeah man willing to oust these demon zombies.
There is much voodo in the (re)display engine. How powerful is your
juju? May I suggest you keep some chickens handy for sacrificial
offerings :)

> Thanks, martin


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