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Re: dired-jump keybinding and autoload

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: dired-jump keybinding and autoload
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 19:00:35 +0300
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> If you choose other key, people who have been using dired-x will have
> difficult time and dired-x is shipped with emacs for a while now.

We could keep `C-x C-j' in dired-x, or after moving dired-jump out of
dired-x, change the default value of dired-bind-jump to nil.  I.e.
not to make it a global keybinding by default, so to not change the
current status quo.

Finding a better non-conflicting key is another question.  For instance,
there are many free keys on the M-g ("goto") prefix.  I remember some
suggestions were `M-g j', `M-g d', or `M-g f'.

Since `C-x C-j' is almost a duplicate of `C-x d' (they both
switch to the Dired buffer), maybe a better key for dired-jump
would be `C-x C-d'.

Does anyone use `list-directory' currently bound to `C-x C-d'?

> I think dired-jump should be moved out of dired-x. Those redefined
> functions should be properly merged too. Redefining functions are
> dependent on the order the library is loaded and causes confusion from
> time to time.

dired-jump uses another feature of dired-x - it toggles omitting with
dired-omit-mode.  So at the first step dired-omit-mode should be moved
out of dired-x before dired-jump.

Juri Linkov

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