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GNUstep build questions

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: GNUstep build questions
Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 04:15:16 -0400
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src/Makefile.in uses this fragment for GNUstep builds:

    /* Pull in stuff from GNUstep-make. */
    include @GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES@/Additional/base.make
    include @GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES@/Additional/gui.make

AFAICS, all of this has no effect at all:

1) None of the stuff defined in gui.make is used in src/Makefile.

2) The only thing that is used from base.make is $CONFIG_SYSTEM_LIBS
(via NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP_TEMACS_LDFLAGS). However, base.make only sets
CONFIG_SYSTEM_LIBS if shared=no, and because the above fragment only
sets shared _after_ including base.make, CONFIG_SYSTEM_LIBS is never set.

So this stuff seems not to be doing anything useful.

Is anyone actually building the GNUstep port and able to confirm this?


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