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Re: [PATCH] (Or "question"...) isearch-kill-found

From: Christoph
Subject: Re: [PATCH] (Or "question"...) isearch-kill-found
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 16:19:54 -0600
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On 05/30/2010 09:25 AM, Drew Adams wrote:

I proposed the feature to emacs-devel on 2007-07-10:

The bottom line was Richard's decision:

  "I don't think it is needed.  You can type C-@ C-r C-r to put
  the region around the match that was just found."
In that same thread Davis Herring had an idea that sounds interesting and useful to me:

 Thinking about this, I realize
 that I would get almost all the utility of this idea with just one command
 added to isearch which meant "exit and move point to start of match", or
 (closer to your idea) a command which meant "exit and drop mark at start
 of match" in place of your toggle.  WDOT?

I think a function "exit and drop mark at start of match" would be very useful.


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