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Re: [PATCH] (Or "question"...) isearch-kill-found

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [PATCH] (Or "question"...) isearch-kill-found
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 15:03:02 -0400
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>>>> > Why is not having a key to toggle the variable better?
>>>> Because keys are in very short supply.
>>> Not really, for a keymap such as isearch.
>> Huh?  Please suggest free key-bindings, then.  Since keys not bound in
>> isearch-mode-map lead to exiting isearch and running the corresponding
>> command in the global map, isearch-mode-map is basically just as full as
>> the global map.
> I made another suggestion, reuse C-M-h.
> It will not interfere with the global command in a bad manner I
> believe.  You just have to do it twice in case you want the global
> binding.  I believe it will be easy getting used to it - as long as the
> region is visible...

Your choice of C-M-h, which has no particular mnemonic or logical
connection to the functionality you suggest, together with the
argumentation about how its impact would be bearable, is a vivid proof
of my argument: keys are in very short supply.


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