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Re: Refreshing Info nodes

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Refreshing Info nodes
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 09:39:58 -0400
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>> back(last)     up     goto     revert
>> dired     q              ^      j        g
>> info      l              u      g        -
>> help      C-c C-b        ?      ?        -

Help uses "g" for `View-goto-line' but should switch it to
`revert-buffer' (after getting it to work, obviously).
Note that dired's `q' is not just a different key but it also behaves
differently since it doesn't work *within* a buffer, but jumps to some
earlier one instead.

> is file-system -> dired), this should be unified. (one base mode for it?
> I've noticed that we can inherit major modes).

The closest parent we have for such uses is `special-mode' which does
not account for the "hierarchical" part, nor for the "goto".  I.e. it is
only meant to unify the revert-buffer binding ("g") as well as the
quit-window binding ("q").
Currently special-mode is under used, so patches to use it in more
places are very welcome.

> BTW: I found that vc-status could be pretty much similar to dired. Would
> that be feasible to annotate files in dired and shift some functionality
> from vc-status mode to dired? (Most of the time I spent in dired anyway,
> and calling vs status, or having a feedback about status of files under
> version control could be good.

In my experience with pcl-cvs and vc-dired (tainted by the fact that
vc-dired was painfully slow), dired already uses up a lot of horizontal
space and a lot of key-bindings, so adding VC to it is problematic.
Furthermore, while adding VC status to files in Dired might be good
enough for small projects, for large projects it usually suffers from
the fact that you need to have an overview of all the files you have
modified, which are often scattered among a few directories, which is
why vc-dir doesn't list all the files, but only the "interesting ones".


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