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Bug statistics

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Bug statistics
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 16:41:54 -0400
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For entertainment purposes only, here are some statistics derived from
the Emacs bug database. Since Feb 2008:

4594 reports  [1]
mean number of reports per day ~ 5.4
1218 distinct submitter emails  [2]
the top 10 submitters account for 30% of all reports
67% of submitters only have one report

2647 closed reports
closed by 65 distinct email addresses  [2]
the top 10 closers account for 90% of all reports

~ 23000 emails sent
the top 10 correspondents account for 60% of these mails  [2]

Of the open reports:
14% have been marked "minor"
20% have been marked "wishlist"
0.7% have a severity higher than "normal".

9% are tagged "moreinfo"
5% are tagged "wontfix".


The report with the most correspondence is:
#865 "The directory is unsafe today"

The most reported bug (in the sense of, same issue reported
independently) is:

#588 "with-ns emacs crash"

(#4122 "GTK menu contents don't change" will probably catch up soon...)

The award for "single bug needlessly split into the most different
reports" goes to:

#914 "In CVS Emacs, calc-eval gives multiplication higher precidence
      than division"


[1] Merged bugs are not really counted correctly.

[2] I made some attempt to merge aliases where I knew them to be the same
person using more than one email address, but some will remain.

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