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Re: Bug statistics

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Bug statistics
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:26:40 -0400
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Richard Stallman wrote:

>     20% have been marked "wishlist"
>     9% are tagged "moreinfo"
>     5% are tagged "wontfix".
> That is about 40%.  It seems to imply there are around 1200 bug
> reports which are not marked in these ways, and not fixed either.
> Is that true?

The total number of open Emacs reports not marked wishlist, wontfix,
moreinfo, or unreproducible, is 1295. Excluding all merged bugs, it is
1143. So the real answer is somewhere inbetween. Excluding minor bugs,
the number is about 950. Further excluding bugs marked as specific to
the MS-Windows or Mac ports, the number falls to about 780. Half of
these reports were opened in the last 8 months. So it is not as bad as
it first appears. (Exclude the top 4 bug submitters, and it falls to

I'm also sure there are lots of things that haven't been given the
appropriate tags. And probably some things that were fixed but haven't
been closed (or are waiting for people to confirm they can be closed).

> Can you compute the number of bug reports that are waiting for action
> by the maintainers?

I don't know how to quantify this. I can try to answer any question
you can frame as the equivalent of one or more greps. I don't think
the precise numbers are especially meaningful though.

The short answer is that there are certainly lots of open reports, and
it would be great if people could help deal with them. This is always
going to be the answer.

About the only useful thing I take away from this exercise is that
there are many people whose only interaction with the developers is in
the form of a single bug report. Good to try and remember this.

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