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Re: support for git commit --amend/--signoff

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: support for git commit --amend/--signoff
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 23:03:22 +0200
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>> Oh, that's why you tend to treat it like --amend.  I see it's a problem,
>> indeed, but I don't think that storing it into a buffer-local variable
>> is a good answer.  I'd rather have a "Sign-Off: yes" (you can still

> But that means that 
> Sign-off: no | off
> will still add --signoff.

Not at all.  The code gets to decide which values mean "add a --signoff
argument".  I'd start with only accepting "yes".

> Which is confusing and wrong.

It would be indeed, but that's not what I'm suggesting we do.

> More
> Sign-off: address@hidden
> gives the impression that it will use address@hidden to sign off, but that's 
> not the case.

For the values other than "yes" we can highlight them with
font-lock-warning-face and the backend can prompt the user when faced
with such unclear values.  We should also do something similar for
unknown values of the "Fixed:" field, BTW.

>> Why not show it inside the buffer (e.g. in the header ;-) instead?
> Because we want to insert the previous log when using --amend, so it's
> better to use a command instead of a header.

The question is not "a command vs a header" but "a variable vs
a header".  In both cases we will want to provide a command (which will
fetch the previous log, etc...).


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