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Re: support for git commit --amend/--signoff

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: support for git commit --amend/--signoff
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 19:14:57 -0400
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> Can you please show how this is better than adding a single argument
>> to the vc-checkin method?  (For which the code already exists).
> It makes more of the state plainly visible to the user, editable with
> Emacs's usual commands, rather than hidden in variables that are much
> more difficult for the user to control.

How is it more difficult to control something that has an explicit
command attached to it?  (that you've stated that we need to have

> I.e. it's more Emacsy by keeping things shallow.

That's not quite true for a lot of things we do in Emacs.

>>>>> Why not show it inside the buffer (e.g. in the header ;-) instead?
>>>> Because we want to insert the previous log when using --amend, so it's
>>>> better to use a command instead of a header.
>>> The question is not "a command vs a header" but "a variable vs
>>> a header".  In both cases we will want to provide a command (which will
>>> fetch the previous log, etc...).
>> So what happens if one deletes the Ammend: header?   Accidentally or not?
> It means the commit doesn't amend.  Same thing if you set your vars
> accidentally or if you call the toggle command accidentally, ...
> I really don't see it as a problem.  Even if it's done accidentally,
> it's obvious for the user what the behavior will be, since it's written
> in plain text.

Why deal with any potential complications that are not needed at all?

>> --amend and --signoff simply do not fit the header paradigm.  
>> Can we please admit that and move on?
> I really don't see it.

Are willing to implement your version and ask users if they prefer it?

I've implemented my version and have been using it for > 6 months,
it's much better to not have to deal with headers.

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