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Re: more on anything.el inclusion

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: more on anything.el inclusion
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 22:10:33 +0200
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Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:

> On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 20:36:31 +0200 Thierry Volpiatto <address@hidden> wrote: 
> TV> We did lot of work on anything since this time, anyone can see, try
> TV> and use anything on http://repo.or.cz/w/anything-config.git If you
> TV> like it, then we could include in emacs.
> Strangely, I can't check it out over HTTP:
> % git clone http://repo.or.cz/w/anything-config.git
> Initialized empty Git repository in /home/tzz/source/anything-config/.git/
> warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.
> (and nice warning, the checkout fails completely!)

> but it works with the git://repo.or.cz/anything-config.git URL.

Yes sorry, clone with:
git clone git://repo.or.cz/anything-config.git

> I think the revision history should be cut out of anything.el.
> It's pretty hard for a novice to get started customizing the sources.
> There is almost no Customize support AFAICT for anything-sources.  The
> existing anything.el docs assume good knowledge of Emacs Lisp.  I don't
> know if that is a problem, but a real manual would be very helpful for
> beginners.

anything-sources is deprecated and should be used with care with only
few sources, the one provided by default with anything.el are enough.

So the use of M-x anything is deprecated, you should use now commands
provided in anything-config.el.

Setting up a function for commands not provided is simple as:

(defun anything-buffers-only ()
  (anything-other-buffer 'anything-c-source-buffers+ "*anything buffers*"))

Actually installing anything is easy and work out of the box with only:

(require 'anything-config)
(require 'anything-match-plugin) ; facultatif

Anything is now self documented both in mode-line and with C-h m or your
usual help command, but yes a manual would be nice.

> What sources should be on by default for Emacs users of anything.el?

Only the one that are already set in anything.el.

> I'm sure there are a lot of style and behavior issues I'm missing.  I'm
> so used to anything.el that I'm probably not a good test case of how it
> looks to an Emacs user.
> Ted

Thierry Volpiatto
Gpg key: http://pgp.mit.edu/

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