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Wrong type error in dbus method

From: Patrick Michael Niedzielski
Subject: Wrong type error in dbus method
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2010 02:23:51 +0000

Hi all,

I'm new here, but this is the last place I can find to look for help
regarding dbus and emacs specifics.

I am writing an elisp file to integrate GNU Emacs with Zeitgeist over
dbus. Because of the lack of good documentation on dbus in emacs and my
lack of experience with advanced elisp, I am coming up with the
following error in my method zeitgeist-send:

    Wrong type argument: D-Bus, (zeitgeist-event-timestamp)

I have tried correcting the issue by placing :string before all the
arguments, but that gave me the error:

    Wrong type argument: stringp, (zeitgeist-event-timestamp)

This makes no sense, as I am positive that the value of
(zeitgeist-event-timestamp) is a string.

If you need, the dbus documentation for zeitgeist is here:
http://zeitgeist-project.com/docs/0.4/dbus_api.html#index-0  The format
for it is asaasay.

I have attached the source code (it's a single file, a few functions).

Thanks for any help!
Patrick Niedzielski
Humm and Strumm <http://hummstrumm.blogspot.com/>, a Free Software 3D
adventure game for both Windows and *NIX.

freeSoftwareHacker(); <http://freesoftwarehacker.blogspot.com/>, a blog
about Free Software, music, and law.

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