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RE: Differences between ibuffer and dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Differences between ibuffer and dired
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 07:26:00 -0700

> There, I think I said it much better this time. Do you agree?

Do I agree you said it much better this time? You said something different. You
said what you said clearly each time.

Do I agree with a suggestion to provide different downloadable versions/skins of
Emacs for people to experiment with?  I have no comment on it, other than to
repeat that such experimenting would be no substitute for discussion about
whether and how to actually change Emacs.  It seems that you agree about that:

> The trunk will develop exactly like it always did, with healthy
> discussions for each change.

That was my only point.  I thought this thread was leading to a discussion about
a proposed change.  My bad if not.  If your point was only about providing some
code for people to try then I have no special comment on it.

Whether you put experimental code for people to try on a GNU site or on Emacs
Wiki or some other place, I have no objection, personally.  It's fine for people
to try different prototypes etc.  It's not unusual for someone to post a link
here to code that people can try, to get an idea about some suggestion.  You can
go try Aquamacs, for instance, and see whether some aspects of its UI (or
whatever) inspire good ideas for adoption by Emacs.  But any such ideas should
still be discussed here in order to be adopted.

Whether experimental code to try out takes the form of a snippet, a library, an
entire Emacs source tree, or an Emacs executable for some platform, the general
idea is the same.

As for myself, I will not be downloading a source tree or branch and building
Emacs from C, whether to test a "real" pretest or to try out someone's idea of a
nifty new look and feel.  I might try loading a Lisp library or two to try
something that is being proposed and discussed, but I will not be building Emacs
to see whether I think your key bindings or whatever are a good idea.

Just speaking for myself about that, and I'm not typical in that respect.
Perhaps most people discussing here will build your skinned versions and play
with them.

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