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Re: Emacs learning curve

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Emacs learning curve
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 13:53:42 -0400

   > Recently I've started using Eclipse as part of my job, and it
   > uses several words whos definition I'm not familiar with; for
   > example view, perspective and workspace. �I've used Eclipse daily
   > now for four months, and the terminology still doesn't stick for
   > me. �Does this make Eclipse harder to use? Not at all. �Does it
   > make it more complex?  Not really. �They are just words, with
   > some meaning.

   You say it does not make it more complex to you. That is ok of
   course.  It is how you experience it.

   But consider a person who have used Eclipse, is familiar with the
   words "view", "perspective" and "workspace". It that person want to
   try Emacs instead he might try a quick look at the documentation
   and there he searches for these words, since those happens to be
   important to him/her.

   Woldn't that be a bit harder if different words where used in Emacs
   for the same things?

If we can assume that a new emacs user has followed the tutorial --
which I hink is a fair assumption, then the user will know what those
terms mean in the context of emacs.  If the user is still confused
after reading the tutorial, then that is a bug in the tutorial, not in
the terminology we use.

The different terminology does make it harder at times to communicate,
but it doesn't hinder one from using emacs (or any other program),
when you do need to explain something to someone you can always use
baby-talk: that knob, do you know how to frob it so that it bobs?

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