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Re: Patch to fix ERC mode's IRC protocol logging

From: Francis Litterio
Subject: Re: Patch to fix ERC mode's IRC protocol logging
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 22:55:37 -0400

Deniz Dogan wrote:

> 2010/7/19 Fran Litterio:
> > The below patch fixes a problem in ERC where erc-toggle-debug-irc-protocol
> > was not logging inbound protocol data. It also changes the key to 
> > interactively
> > toggle protocol logging so that it doesn't interfere with View mode 
> > bindings.

> Thank you! You should probably also send it to erc-discuss <at> gnu.org in
> case the ERC mantainer doesn't read emacs-devel.

Do patches for ERC have to go into the upstream ERC source first in
order to make it into Emacs?  I thought that since ERC was now part of
Emacs, patches can go directly into the Emacs source.

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